About Our Shop in Ozone Park, NY

20 Years of Exceptional Service -- S&R Auto Body & Repair

Your Trusted Collision Repair Team

There are few other things that drivers fear more than an auto accident. Before you have time to realize it, life as you know it can be turned upside down! Suddenly, the vehicle you’ve relied on day after day is out of commission, but that doesn’t mean all of your responsibilities are paused too. Even after a collision, you have to get back on the road and to handling life’s challenges, and no team makes that easier for drivers than S&R Auto Body & Repair in Ozone Park, New York. Our team of automotive professionals provides fast and reliable auto repairs to get our customers back on the road quickly. For over 20 years, we’ve helped countless drivers in our community take control after unexpected vehicle collisions with simple and easy auto body repairs and paint services. We are here to take the stress out of your collision repair experience!

Like Nothing Happened

When you need collision repairs, you need a team that understands you, your family, and how important your vehicle is. S&R Auto Body & Repair knows that your vehicle means everything to your productivity and ability to tackle all of life’s little moments. As a family-run business, we appreciate every tool necessary to keep things moving smoothly. When one piece is out of place, it feels like everything falls apart. That’s why our family is here to take care of yours during life’s stressful accidents. No matter what kind of car you drive or what kind of damage it has, we can handle it. We are proud of our reputation as Ozone Park’s reliable auto body repair and paint service professionals and can’t want to share our expertise with you! We can answer any of your questions and concerns, provide expert counsel, and give free estimates to get your repairs started with confidence. From there, we rely on high-end technology for exceptional results, including color matching technology for a flawless finish. When you leave our shop, it will be like nothing ever happened!

Putting You First

At S&R Auto Body & Repair in Ozone Park, New York, we make our priorities clear. Our number one job is to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction. To do that, we make sure everything we do fosters your confidence and trust in us. We share pricing information up front and stay in contact throughout your vehicle’s service to eliminate any doubts or worries. We thoroughly explain our process in terms that any driver can understand because we want you to feel empowered to make the best possible decisions for your vehicle. If you have any questions, we answer them before moving forward. Our team does everything possible to provide service that you can count on!